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I Can’t See The World


Because you exist, I cannot see the world.
You leap from lilacs, and tambourines,
and bubble in the eddying waters. You plucked
me from the stalk of a limp night, and because you exist
I am suffocated by your name.
I can't see the world for the clutch you gave,
or the fierce wind of your gasp. Your hands
and their magic tricks; the stabbing light
of your eyes. You jump
from canyons, and you grow in the orchards,
only to rise from the shadows of billboards and
churchyards. Leaves tremble
with the ever-floating note
of your sung farewell.
Somewhere else, you are being loved.
Somewhere else.
I am suffocated by your name. Because you exist
I can't see the world, or the lost coast
of my homeland:
the map of your body, pulsing
with the beacon of a signalled misery.
A mad voyager, I search for your hot imprint
on the rock of each molten day.


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