The Feverish Comings And Goings

A Still From

A Still From "The Spirit Of The Beehive"

Someone to whom I recently showed my glass beehive, with its movement like the main gear wheel of a clock; someone who saw the constant agitation of the honeycomb; the mysterious, maddened commotion of the nurse bees over the nests; the teeming bridges and stairways of wax; the invading spirals of the queen; the endlessly varied and repetitive labors of the swarm; the relentless yet ineffectual toil; the feverish comings and goings; the call to sleep always ignored, undermining the next day's work; the final repose of death far from a place that tolerates neither sickness nor tombs - someone who observed these things after the initial surprise had passed, looked away quickly with an expression of indescribable sadness and horror. - The Spirit of the Beehive (1973), Director: Víctor Erice

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Love's Enduring, Painful Journey
History Never Stays Silent
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