The “Ugh Field”
Jé Maverick
11:21 PM Sunday, September 27th, 2020    12 months ago

Bad feelings that emerge from a discovery process can cause us to arrive at premature conclusions due to their unpleasantness, often because they arise from a disappointing, or even nasty, surprise. Bad feelings are curiosity killers, and force us into creating single stories about a person's character, or to create prejudices that dampen a will for future inquiry - they evaporate all desire for disclosing further knowledge about another. These feelings produce an "ugh field": an absolute horizon of curiosity that we avoid venturing past or enduring, even though the limit of information has not yet been reached.

The only reason that we truly stop asking the question of another: "Who are you?", is that we have decided on an answer, we have degraded inquiry with certainty, the ultimate death; we have quenched the burning desire to know anything more by arriving at a terrible and ultimate conclusion. This not only places the limit on our own curiosity, but on the potential of the other to become - a terminus as final as the death of possibility or being itself.

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